18 high-fiber, gluten-free dinners to keep you full until bedtime


Say goodbye to midnight munchies with these healthy and tasty dinner recipes. Each of these dishes is packed with at least 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving from ingredients like vegetables, legumes and whole grains that help promote healthy weight maintenance, increased bone strength and healthy digestion. Plus, these recipes also meet our gluten-free nutritional benchmarks, so they’re safe for anyone on a gluten-free diet. Recipes such as our Chickpea Curry (Chhole) and our Smoked Cabbage and Shrimp with Gripped Cheese are tasty and nutritious ways to end the evening.

Creamy white chili with cream cheese


This hearty, yet healthy, white chicken chili recipe comes together in a flash thanks to quick-cooking chicken thighs and canned white beans. Mashing some of the beans serves as a quick thickener when your soups don’t have much time to simmer. The cream cheese adds the final touch of richness and a hint of sweet flavor.

Chhole (chickpea curry)

This healthy Indian recipe is a savory chickpea curry that you can whip up in just 20 minutes. Also called chana masala, this dish is a comforting and delicious dinner.


Bowl “Rice” Black Beans-Cauliflower

This bowl of aromatic cauliflower rice comes together in minutes and is an easy meal for one. Using frozen cauliflower rice instead of rice reduces the carbohydrate content and makes preparation quicker.

Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry


To make this 20-minute vegan curry even quicker, buy pre-cut greens from the salad bar at the grocery store. To make it a complete and satisfying dinner, serve over cooked brown rice. When shopping for a simmered sauce, look for one with 400 mg of sodium or less, and check the ingredients list for cream or fish sauce if you want to keep it vegan. If you like a spicy kick, add a few drops of your favorite hot sauce at the end.

Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl

This savory burrito bowl features grilled chicken covered in a tangy chipotle glaze. Loading it up with veggies and using quinoa instead of rice adds nutrition for a healthier dinner.


Vegetarian tacos with zucchini and corn

Photographer: Jen Causey, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall

These fresh veggie zucchini and corn tacos take advantage of summer’s best produce. The chipotle-infused refried beans add a layer of heat. For vegan tacos, skip the queso fresco and add chopped avocado in its place.


Copycat McDonald’s Southwestern Salad

Photographer: Rachel Marek, Food stylist: Annie Probst

If you were a fan of McDonald’s Southwestern Salad before it left the menu, this copied recipe brings it all back with a few healthy twists. The creamy dressing keeps saturated fat and calories in check with the reduced-fat sour cream combined with the salsa to give it its signature spice. We loaded it up with loads of veggies, but feel free to give it your spin with chopped avocado or mashed tortilla chips for crunch. (Editor’s Note: The title of this recipe is out of line with Eat welluses to name and attribute recipes, but gives due credit to the menu at McDonald’s, which called this dish “Southwestern salad”.)

Smoked cabbage and prawns with grated cheese

Jacob Fox

Make sure you slice the cabbage very thin; it will help speed up the cooking process and produce the most tender vegetables.

Bowls of chicken hummus

The spiced chicken atop these bowls is ready quickly with the help of the grill. Serve with warm whole-wheat pita bread to scoop up extra hummus in the bottom of the bowl.

Greek Salad with Edamame

Edamame adds protein to a classic Greek salad: romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, feta and olives. Serve with pita bread brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with dried oregano or za’atar.

Goddess Veggie Bowls with chicken

Dark green kale contrasts with the warm tones of peppers and tomatoes in this healthy green goddess salad recipe.

Cajun Spiced Tofu Tostadas with Beetroot Cream

Photographer / Jacob Fox, Food styling / Sue Mitchell, Food styling / Kelsey Bulat

Crumbled tofu flavored with Cajun seasoning is layered on top of these tostadas with a juicy mango slaw. A dollop of zhuzh sour cream with beetroot and lime adds even more flavor. Look for pre-cooked beets in the produce section of your grocery store.

Ajiaco Bogotano (potato soup with corn, chicken and capers)

Greg DuPree

Ajiaco celebrates a key crop in the Andes region, where more than 4,000 potato varieties are grown. There are three types in this soup. Cookbook author and food stylist Mariana Velsquez uses ruddy potatoes to replace Sabanera potatoes, which practically dissolve in the broth, giving it body. Yukon Golds and tiny creamy potatoes substitute for Pastusas and Criollas—the former imparting a golden hue and the latter a sweet, almost buttery flavor. The fragrant herb of Guascasa, also known as galinsoga, brave soldier, or potato, imparts a slightly bitter flavor unmatched by anything else, Velsquez says. (Look for it dried online or at a few Colombian markets in the US; you can also find it fresh at farmers markets.) The soup takes her back to her childhood in Bogota. She recalls that one Friday a month was “Ajiaco Day” at her girls’ school. “They would bring bowls of broth to each of us and then put the avocados, corn, chicken, capers and cream in the center of the table,” she says. “It was the most special lunch and we all loved it.”

Chicken Tinga Tostadas

Jacob Fox

These chicken tinga tostadas are topped with cotija cheese for a savory bite, while cilantro adds a pop of flavor and color. We cook the tortillas to ensure a crispy base, also using less oil than frying.

Smoked Brisket Tacos

Eric Wolfinger

Leftover brisket makes great tacos. The salty cotija cheese, also called queso aejo, provides a stark counterpoint to the smoked brisket. Find it near other specialty cheeses or in Mexican grocery stores. To make this recipe kosher, omit the cheese and use the vegan yogurt in step 2.

Tuna poke

Poke (pronounced poke-ay), a Hawaiian word meaning “to chop” or “to chop,” refers to a traditional Hawaiian salad of diced raw fish in a simple soy-based sauce with punchy toppings such as toasted sesame and chopped scallions . These tuna bowls feature seasoned brown rice and fresh veggies for a healthy, satisfying meal that’s high in protein and fiber.

Quinoa chickpea salad with roasted red pepper hummus dressing

This hearty vegan salad is packed with plant-based energy ingredients: chickpeas, quinoa, and hummus. We love the crunchiness of sunflower seeds and the unexpected flavor of roasted peppers.

Seared Scallops with Green Goddess Slaw

Photographer / Jacob Fox, Food styling / Sue Mitchell, Food styling / Kelsey Bulat

Avocado, yogurt and buttermilk lend creaminess to the herbaceous dressing that coats this salad.

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