How Meghan ‘cutting the chain’ from mentally disturbed Harry pushes him into isolation?


Agrophobia? Prince Harry previously shared in his controversial memoir Replacement who struggled with agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that causes intense fear in certain situations, such as in crowds.

According to the Duke’s controversial memoir Replacement, Prince Harry said this fear can be bad enough to make people avoid leaving the house. Harry wrote: I was an agoraphobe. Which was nearly impossible given my public role?

Defying British royal tradition, Harry had opened up about his mental health condition and the difficulties he had faced due to the untimely death of his mother, Lady Diana. He also revealed that he had to undergo therapy due to agrophobia. But the obvious question that might come to readers’ minds is why are we talking about Harry’s mental health condition again?

Well it is important and above all it is all the more important to understand the trauma that Harry is going through again due to the way he was used by Meghan Markle and now the divorce rumors. Instead of helping Harry with his mental condition, Meghan is separating from him, says a veteran royal biographer. And that she wants to take full custody of their two children. Harry has a mental health problem and Meghan is doing nothing to help him.


How is Meghan plotter cutting the chain off Prince Harry?

Royal biographer and commentator Angela Levin said Meghan Markle is “cutting the chain” from Prince Harry following her solo appearance at the US Department of Defense’s Warrior Games this week. Levin said GB news presenter Dan Wootton, the Duchess of Sussex, does not “support” it. “She’s not there to support it and I think it’s a great sign because the things that she’s been through with the death of the queen, the death of her grandfather and her coronation all by himself.” said Levin.

Levin also said the Duke of Sussex is in a “terrible state” and worries about what the Duchess will do. “He’s mentally disturbed…and I’m terrified that’s what he’s going to do…It’s going to be sudden, but he’s in such a terrible state. It’s so negative. He’s coming back.”

How did the mental health trigger happen to Prince Harry?

According to a report published on, in his 20s, Prince Harry feels like he’s a problem because he hasn’t talked about his struggles. I didn’t know how to deal with it, he explains. And because of that, his suffering affected those around him. No one knew he was in pain. The only thing about keeping it under wraps is that he’s only going to make it worse. Not just for you, but for everyone else around you as well. In his Apple TV series with Oprah Winfrey, The Me You Can’t See, Prince Harry revealed some of his symptoms and triggers: panic attacks, severe anxiety. And probably 28 to 32 was a nightmarish time in my life. From freaking out every time I get in my car and every time I see a camera.

Harry went into detail about this, explaining that he would do anything just to cope with the feelings he was silently battling. Harry says he was willing to drink and do drugs to escape the things that hurt him. I was willing to try and do the things that made me feel less like I felt, he said. This is common for people struggling with a mental illness: They use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. However, drugs and alcohol can exacerbate mental health symptoms.


How will the separation leave Harry isolated again?

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who has written numerous books on the monarchy, said Meghan was planning to break up with Harry and leave him alone in America. Speaking to GB News, she said their relationship had disintegrated very badly after the wedding. She added: If we look back on that day, we later found out that Meghan had already planned to leave the UK before getting married.

Royal expert Angela Levin says isolated Prince Harry has been abandoned by wife Meghan Markle, his planner and conspirator, who is absolutely separating from him. The author of Harry: A Biography told GB News host Dan Wootton, the Duke of Sussex, that he’s not even in the family home anymore.

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