Tired of dark circles? 5 nutrients you need to eat every single day


Do you often find yourself staring into the mirror and thinking about those black bags under your eyes? Dark circles can be a real deal breaker, and if you have those patches, then you know how big of an impact they can have vanity-wise. What do you do then? Splurge on expensive concealers, color correctors, and under eye creams to look perfect. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that cosmetics have a temporary effect on us. Instead, it’s our diet that can help fade the discoloration. So instead of spending a fortune on eye cosmetics, we all need to try to nourish ourselves with good food to protect the soft and delicate skin under the eyes.
In this article, we’ll walk you through some essential nutrients and how they can help you get rid of those dark circles. The best part is, you don’t have to go far to seek out these nutrients. In fact, you may already be unknowingly consuming them in your daily diet. All you have to do is take note of these nutrient-rich ingredients and consume them wisely and effectively. Read on.
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What are the common causes of dark circles?

If you believe watching late night shows led to those dark circles, then think again. While we don’t deny that stress has a lot to do with the health of your skin, the biggest culprit here is your diet. The lack of nutrients leads to different types of allergies and reactions in the skin, resulting in dark circles. This phenomenon requires a permanent solution and trust us, a healthy diet is the only plausible option.
Not only will a healthy diet help you get a good night’s sleep and lower your stress levels, but it will also make up for lost nutrients, making you glow naturally.
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5 essential nutrients to get rid of dark circles:

1. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is considered an anti-aging vitamin that helps boost skin elasticity. This further helps your skin fight wrinkles, dark circles and various skin allergies.

What foods are enriched with vitamin A?

Red, yellow and green peppers, mangoes, papayas, spinach and other colorful fruits and vegetables are considered the best sources of vitamin A. Click here for some interesting ways to include more vitamin A in your diet.

2. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps increase collagen production in the skin, which further strengthens blood vessels. This also improves the circulation of blood and oxygen to the cells, helping the skin to glow naturally.

What foods are enriched with vitamin C?

Some of the most common sources of vitamin C are lemons, oranges, amla and berries, just to name a few. We offer you some fun ways to include more vitamin C in your diet. Click here for details:

3. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an excellent nutrient for fighting redness, wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent any type of oxidative stress, which leads to dark circles.

What foods are enriched with vitamin E?

Nuts and seeds are considered to be the most potent sources of vitamin E. From almonds and walnuts to chia seeds, flax seeds and more, you can consider including these healthy ingredients in your daily diet to enjoy the nourishment general. Click here for the best ways to include vitamin E-fortified foods in your diet.

4. Vitamin K:

Vitamin K is considered a powerful source of antioxidants that help stimulate tissue renewal. Furthermore, it is also known to reduce pigment, lighten dark spots, age spots, and more.


What foods are enriched with vitamin K?

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves, mint leaves, lettuce, etc., are considered to be the best sources of vitamin K. You can have them in the form of a salad, smoothie, sabzi or chutney to get the most out of the nutrients. Click here for some other vitamin K-containing food options.

5. Iron:

One of the main causes of dark circles is anemia. It happens when your body lacks iron and makes less hemoglobin. These factors further slow down the supply of oxygen to the cells, affecting the soft skin under the eyes. This inevitably means that you have to load up on iron to get rid of dark circles.

What foods are enriched with iron?

Some of the best sources of iron are dal, jaggery, and greens like beets, spinach, methi leaves, and more. Click here for some effective ways to include more iron in your daily diet.
Now that you have an idea of ​​the nutrients to include in your eye care diet, plan and choose your meals wisely to enjoy glowing, clear skin.

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